Turf-covered car provides unique marketing for landscaping firm

Photo: Squareyard.Photo: Squareyard.

Adam Vickers was interested in marketing opportunities for his Queenstown, New Zealand-based landscaping firm, Squareyard, which offers a range of services that include landscape architecture and urban design for residential and commercial clients.

When looking into newspaper ads, he quickly discovered ad rates weren’t to his liking, and hit upon an alternative approach that would provide an immediate – yet unique – impact around town. He decided to cover a car with turf.

“Ads in the paper were expensive,” he says. “I had a clapped out car sitting around, so I thought covering it in something would improve the car and get us noticed. So far, it has delivered on both.”

Vickers had a local sign company cover the car in a realistic looking artificial turf, and he says the car has not only been a lot of fun, but is turning heads. “Every time I go back to the car, someone is having a pic with it, or stroking it to see if it is real!” he says.

Although it’s only been a couple of weeks, the car has been featured in the local newspaper and Vickers hopes it will attract new business to Squareyard.

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