How to design a unique logo for your landscaping business

Updated Feb 23, 2021
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Man Staring at Whiteboard and ThinkingWhen you are looking for a McDonald’s you are probably looking for two golden arches, rather than a sign that specifically reads McDonald’s. This is a prime example of a logo that has become synonymous with a brand.

Branding is an important step in setting your company apart from the many other landscaping outfits in your area. Logos are a representation of your brand and they can say a lot about your company.

A well-designed logo can imply a level of professionalism and competence and steer new clients your way versus having no logo or a poorly fashioned one.

The questions you need to ask when designing your logo are fairly simple ones and are similar to the questions you have to ask yourself when you’re starting your business in the first place.

What is your focus?

Consider the focus of your business and how you want to portray it. Does your company pride itself for its quick service, quality plants or its certified arborists? If you company specializes in irrigation installations you may want to include a sprinkler in the design. The logo can help impart some information quickly, so think about what you want to share.

What colors represent your brand?

It’s typical for a lawn care or a landscaping company to use green in their logo as most all plants are green and they’re working in the green industry, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and go for a shade you can claim for your own.

An example of this is Kinghorn Gardens. This company’s brand color is purple and it can be found everywhere on their website. When the company is out recruiting, it is able to stand out with its purple banners and promotes joining its “Purple Polo” family.

What are your key principles?

If your focus is too hard to illustrate, consider your ethics and what is important to you and your company. If you are committed to sustainability, having a design that taps into the recycle symbol or some other looping icon can help convey that message.

It can seem overwhelming to try to fit all of these important concepts into a simple design, so don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional for some help.

Here’s are some of the basic principles to consider when designing your logo:

Infographic: Company FoldersInfographic: Company Folders
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