Eight new, extreme ways to use your compact tractor

Tractors are versatile machines by definition, but some users like to push the limits of what their equipment can do. While some strive for intensity, others simply bring a new level of creativity to their tasks. Keep scrolling to see some of the most extreme ways people use their compact tractors.

man driving a red tractor in a large amount of snowPlowing snow

Chris P. from Minonk, Illinois, put his tractor to work this winter by using a slip scoop to load a heavy utility shed on and off a trailer while also plowing through a three-foot snowdrift. You could say it’s a serious case of multi-tasking.

Red Tractor towing a Big white speed boatTaking your boat to the lake

Chad C. from Pennsylvania uses a Steiner 420 Diesel to pull around his 26’ power boat — now that’s extreme!

tractor pulling a bunch of chopped down treesMoving logs

Need to move some heavy logs? Work smarter, not harder (like Mark D.) and grab your compact tractor to get the job done.

tractor used as a temporary rear axle for an older red jeep wranglerAs a temporary axle

No axle? No problem. Seth from Ohio wins most creative with his tractor as it became a temporary rear axle for his Jeep.

Tow TruckPulling out stuck vehicles

Our good Samaritan Todd B. uses his compact tractor to pull stuck vehicles out of the snow, isn’t it ironic?

Chris G. sitting down by a deer on his Steiner 430Hunting equipment

Chris G. occasionally uses his Steiner 430 as a deer retriever when he is out hunting.

RC truck track created with tractor on private propertyCreate your own track

Have you always wanted your very own R/C Truck track? According to Roger A, all it takes is a Steiner 420 and a 5’ mower.

photo of young child in red sweats with a blue bicycle helmet behind the wheel of a big red tractorDriver’s ed

Richard B. lets his son get behind the wheel of his tractor for a photo to give him an early love of tractors.

Have you done something extreme with your tractor? Steiner is currently running a contest where fans can submit a photo or video of their Steiner machine in extreme conditions for a chance to win a new Steiner attachment. You can learn more and enter the giveaway here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Steiner. Steiner is a manufacturer of tractors and attachments to suit each owner’s needs.  

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