Using light to increase home security

Updated Oct 13, 2023
house lit up at night
Mid South Night Lights

When it comes to making a home safe and secure, outdoor lighting plays a valuable role. The trouble is, a lot of people just throw up a couple of spotlights and think they've done their job. In reality, a smart lighting plan from a professional can help homeowners have the most effective solution.

We asked Jesse Wisley, the owner of Mid South Night Lights in Memphis, Tennessee, to share some ways that he uses outdoor lighting to enhance the safety and security of his clients' properties.

Eliminate blind spots on security cameras

According to Wisley, one important way that lighting can play a valuable role in security is by eliminating blind spots on security cameras. A lot of homeowners put up security cameras these days but they don't always consider whether they will definitely be able to capture the right footage of unwanted happenings.

In fact, sometimes lighting can work against the functionality of security cameras by washing out the footage. 

Wisley says it's important for outdoor lighting and security cameras to work together.

Illuminate the entryways

No thief or vandal wants to get caught in the act which is why lighting up a home's entryways is a really great way to deter crime. This includes not only the front doorway but other doors and windows around the home. Using uplighting that casts beautiful lighting onto a home will not only make it aesthetically appealing but will also discourage unwanted visitors from entering a property.

If homeowners have gates, this is another important element to light up.

"A gate can be a great safety feature but it's made even more secure with good lighting," Wisley says. "A thief will also know that they'll be on full display if they try to climb over."

Light the driveway

Lighting up a driveway not only makes it safer to navigate for the homeowners (both in a car and on foot) but also deters intruders from trying to sneak onto a property. Homeowners who have long and winding driveways (particularly those that border woods or are in a more remote area) might need to think about lighting spanning the whole length of their drive.

"It's all about giving homeowners peace of mind," says Wisley. "At the end of the day, that's what they really want." 

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