Privacy screening: Plants to use for a private landscape

Updated Apr 16, 2024
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Your clients value their time outside and don't want to feel on display for the neighbors. While clients can create privacy with a fence, not all HOA communities will allow this. Plus, some people prefer not to "box in" their yards. It's not uncommon for clients to be in search of privacy solutions using landscape elements.

Trees and shrubs that are strategically planted in the landscape can be effective at protecting your clients' privacy and helping to create their own little oasis. 

Here are four that we frequently use in the North Texas landscapes that we help create and maintain for our clients.

1. Spartan Juniper

This fast-growing evergreen grows as a dense column that makes it perfect as a privacy screen. It has a pyramid shape that holds its own pretty well, also making it a relatively low-maintenance choice. It can grow to about 15 feet tall, so it is one of the taller choices of privacy screening plants that we use. 

2. Savannah Holly

This tall, narrow tree is quick-growing and holds its narrow, upright shape. Once established, it is also a drought-resistant choice, allowing it to thrive in our climate (which isn’t always conducive to other Holly varieties). 

3. Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurels have a lot of qualities that make them a great choice for your clients' yards. They are shade tolerant, rapid growers, and they are thick and dense enough to also serve as great privacy screening plants. They also happen to be quite resilient and don’t require excessive upkeep or care.

These evergreen shrubs are known for their white flowers and cherry-like fruit. They tend to attract pollinators like birds, butterflies, and bees.

4. Red Tip Photinia

This plant gets its name for the bright red coloring of its young leaves. It can grow like a hedge, making it a great choice for privacy screening purposes. Homeowners love this particular privacy screening plant because it is big, bright, and colorful.

It helps that this plant is such a rapid grower. Anytime that you are looking for screening plants for privacy, you want to think about options that can grow and fill in quickly, or else you’ll be waiting years to gain the benefits you’re seeking.

Helping your clients make wise choices

When you help your clients to make wise landscaping choices, you provide a tremendous amount of value. Your clients will see you as their expert guide and continue to turn to you for their ongoing landscaping needs.

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