“Green & Mean:" Avant delivers most power for size to new compact loaders

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Avant Tecno new 650i compact wheel loader holding rock
The 645i and 650i (shown above) run on new 44-horsepower Kubota engines, an 18-horsepower boost over the earlier 600 Series machines, the 630 and 635.
Avant Tecno

Avant Tecno says its new compact articulated wheel loaders are the most powerful in their size class.

The 645i and 650i run on new 44-horsepower Kubota engines, an 18-horsepower boost over the earlier 600 Series machines, the 630 and 635.

That gives the new loaders 203 pound-feet of pulling force and 87 pound-feet of torque.

The loaders weigh around 3,600 pounds. That makes them easy to transport and able to ride on sensitive terrain, Avant says.

They also have standard 23.6-inch telescopic lifting booms and can reach a lift height of 9.3 feet to the hinge pin of the attachment coupling plate. The tipping load is 2,624 pounds, which Avant says is achieved by a low center of gravity and a rigid articulation joint.

The hydraulic boom automatically self-levels to keep the load horizontal when being lifted and lowered, Avant says. Articulated steering enables the loader to turn without leaving tire marks. Each wheel has its own hydraulic drive motor.

Avant Tecno Compact Wheel Loader Arm RaisedThe new Avant loaders have a hinge-pin height of over 9 feet.Avant Tecno

The 645i is a single-speed machine with top speed of 8 mph, while the 650i has two speeds and can travel up to 15.5 mph. Auxiliary hydraulic oil flow is 19.8 gallons per minute and can run most of Avant’s 200-plus attachments, the company says.

The standard version loaders come with open ROPS/FOPS cabs. Customers can upgrade to the L-Cab, which offers protection from the wind and rain, or the new GT cab with heating, sound- and vibration-absorption, windscreen washer and wiper, cab air filter, and front and rear mudguards. Air conditioning is optional.

Avant says the machines provide operators unrestricted views to the attachment and work area.

Avant Tecno650Compact Wheel Loader SnowThe articulate compact wheel loaders can run a multitude of hydraulic attachments.Avant TecnoThe 4-cylinder turbocharged engine meets Tier 4 Final standards by diesel oxidation catalyst and particulate filter. It does not require additives like AdBlue, the company says. The transmission is hydrostatic.

The loaders come with Avant’s quick attachment plate. Hydraulic quick locking of the locking pins is also available. Hydraulic hoses are attached to the loaders’ standard multi-connector.

Production on the new loaders is set for fall.

Avant Tecno650i Compact Wheel Loader SideAvant Tecno

Quick specs

Avant CWL SpecsAvant Tecno




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