Snow Removal Supplement – July 2009

Morton sees blue

Morton has colored their Ice Melter Blend crystals in a new visible blue form for precise application and distribution over ice. While the look is different, the formula is the same. The crystals can be spread in temperatures as low as -15 degrees. The active sodium chloride and calcium chloride compounds heat at the point of contact with snow.

The Boss upgrades the Power-V XT

The Boss added wear and tear protection and fuel-efficient capabilities to its Power-V XT snowplow with the Poly Power-V XT. The Poly Power-V XT’s 37-inch flared blade wings are coated with a slick poly-surface to prevent sticking snow on its 8-foot 2-inch XT and 9-foot 2-inch XT models. The multi-position snowplow comes with standards such as the SmartHitch 2 Attachment System, SmartTouch Handheld Control and high-performance hydraulic package.

Snowplow fit for 4WD trucks

The Western HTS snowplow is specifically designed to fit half-ton, four-wheel-drive trucks with all the power of a full-size plow. It attaches with the one-side hook-up provided by the UltraMount mounting system. It ensures a smooth ride with a two-spring trip blade and safety with Nighthawk halogen headlamps. Additional features include a 75-degree angled blade, vented light bar and hydraulic scrape lock.

New trip-edge V-Plow series

Hiniker offers a new trip-edge V-Plow line, the 9000 Series. Each model comes equipped with double-acting hydraulic cylinders, an elevated pinch-free pivot point 9 inches above ground and independently operating trips for undisturbed snow plowing. The high-tensile steel body includes a 30-inch, polyethylene moldboard and 12 laser-cut ribs providing the unit with heavy-duty strength.

Convert rock salt efficiently

GVM Snow Equipment’s ABS-800 salt brine system transforms rock salt from dry to liquid form for anti-icing roads. Dry rock salt can be mixed with water to create a liquid brine concentration in the automatic brine system. The system’s pump comes manually or controlled by a float switch and will transport the liquid from the make tank to truck-mounted tanks.

Convert Grasshopper mowers to snowthrowers

The Grasshopper snowthrower can replace any Grasshopper mowing deck using the QuikConverter implement system. The PTO-powered attachment discharge spout clears and throws snow 30 feet high. Coming in 48- and 60-inch steel models, features include a 12-inch-diameter auger and replaceable scraper blade. Options include a winter enclosure and 16,000 BTU/hr heater.

Ventrac’s snow blower KX522

Ventrac’s snow blower KX522 is a two-stage unit manufactured to meet the heavy-duty demands of snow removal. The design features a 26-inch-tall and 52-inch-wide opening coupled to a 5-inch by 20-inch blower to move large amounts of snow in a small amount of time. Standard features include a double spiral saw-tooth auger, 220-degree rotation discharge chute and adjustable skid shoes.

Mowers convert to snowplows

Dixie Chopper can convert its commercial- and industrial-grade mowers with its effective snowplow kits, with the exception being the Dixie Iron Eagle mower. Dixie’s snowplow kits max out the horsepower of its standard mower. Optional features include electric snow blade lifts. The company also manufactures customizable frame-mounted winch kits for its series of mowers.

Convenient poly-caster spreader

The Fisher line of Poly-Caster spreaders distribute ice control substances such as sand, salt, sand/salt combinations and wet sand evenly with a low-maintenance unit. Models are available in 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.5-cubic-yard sizes. The rust-proof, double-wall poly-hopper has an adjustable, 151/2-inch poly-spinner, which works with flatbeds and pickups. The electric conveyor motor and spinner motor independently power the spreader for an even distribution pattern.

Larger-sized plow available for pickups

Blizzard now offers an 8-foot snowplow for half-ton trucks with its 8000LT straight-blade plow. This light/commercial class unit has a flared 14-guage moldboard enhanced with six vertical reinforcement ribs, a 3/8-inch x 6-inch moldboard cutting edge, torque-box construction, removal light tower and optional back drag edge.

The Attachments Idea Book
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