Vermeer’s PTX40 service plow handles irrigation installations

Vermeer PTX40_1_LR

Tackle irrigation installations with Vermeer’s walk-beside service plow, which fits in tight spaces. The PTX40 service plow has an optional forward-mounted trencher and boring attachment, and features a remote control that allows the operator to view the machine from a variety of angles.

Vermeer PTX40_2The unit has a minimum 40.2-inch width and is 84.8 inches long, making the machine suitable for landscape contractors performing work in confined areas. Powered by a 46.8-horsepower Kubota WG1605 gasoline engine, the PTX40 has planetary axles that reduce the stress and torque going to the driveline, which helps lowers overall operating costs. The center-articulated machine oscillates at the point of articulation, delivering maneuverability on uneven terrain.

The plow has 24-inch maximum depth and the trencher cuts a maximum of 42 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches wide. Plowing and trenching performance is achieved with an electronic control that allows for creep speed setting. The optional bore attachment has a maximum torque of 620 foot-pounds.

Service has been addressed by locating fuel, hydraulic, engine oil and air filters conveniently, without requiring the removal of any shielding.

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