Product roundup: New snowplows from Fisher and Western

Updated Apr 4, 2018
XLS snowplow Photo: FisherXLS snowplow
Photo: Fisher

Several Douglas Dynamics brands debuted their new snowplows at the 2018 NTEA Work Truck Show earlier this month.

Fisher Engineering introduced its new HC Heavy Contractor plow, which are the largest and strongest straight blade blows in its lineup.

The plow can fit up to 27,500 lb. GVW trucks and stands 34” tall and comes in 9” and 10” feet widths, for large properties.

HC snowplow Photo: FisherHC snowplow
Photo: Fisher

Fisher says the plow is designed for heavy contractor work with 11-gauge powder-coated steel blade that is reinforced with eight vertical ribs. It also has larger hydraulic rams, pins, gussets and hardware with a T-frame design and a massive center pin.

The HC plow has faster hydraulics than prior models and the critical components are enclosed and protected from inclement weather conditions.

“There’s no better way to build a legacy than to tackle winter’s biggest challenges, and our new HC plows deliver,” said Tyler Jones, product manager for Fisher. “Their strength and durability will help contractors and municipalities complete those tasks confidently and effectively.”

The plow comes with universal control options, the MinuteMount 2 snowplow mounting system, anti-theft system and other features.

The manufacturer also released updates to the XLS expandable wing line of plows with new blade options and sizes.

The XLS plows can carry more snow with the new flared wings that can expand. The new plows are two inches taller at 31” and the flared wings are 36”.

Users can now select an 8’6” wide model, along with the updated 8’ plow. The wider plow can extend to a full length of 11’ and can fit up to Class 6 trucks. Operators can independently change the position of each wing via touch button or joystick controls from the driver’s seat.

The XLS plows are also now available with corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

“Plow operators need to be ready to handle a wide range of situations, and that’s why we’re giving them even more options on our most versatile plow,” Jones said. “It’s wider and taller but still agile, so it can clear more snow and do it better than ever before. A lot of fans have also been asking for a new stainless-steel XLS, and we’re excited to gran their wish.”

Pro Plus HD snowplow Photo: WesternPro Plus HD snowplow
Photo: Western

For extra strength, the XLS has 10 vertical ribs, heavy-duty torque tubs and a reinforced slide box.

More information on the HC and XLS plows will be available on the Fisher website in May 2018.

Meanwhile, Western Products had similar introductions and changes with the Pro Plus HD straight blade plow and the Wide-Out plows.

The Pro Plus is 10’ wide and 34” tall and is also built with heavy contracting jobs in mind. It is compatible with up to Class 6 trucks. Reinforced with eight vertical ribs, the Pro Plus has an 11-gauge powder-coated steel blade.

“Our new Pro Plus HD plow is as tough as the people who operate it,” said Doug Clark, product manager for Western. “Our customers demand durability and reliability for those challenging jobs, and we’re excited to give them exactly what they’re asking for in this new plow.”

Wide-Out snowplow Photo: WesternWide-Out snowplow
Photo: Western

Users can customize the plow with accessories including abrasion-resistant carbide cutting edges, blade angle stops, snow deflectors and more.

Western has also announced the new Wide-Out XL plow, which has adjustable wings that extend from 8’ 6” to 11’. The operator can adjust these wings from the warmth of their cab, increasing efficiency.

A dual Western power bar is included to add torsional strength and rigidity across the back of the blade to avoid blade twisting.

“The Wide-Out snow plow has always been about efficiency and control, and these updates enhance both of those key values,” Clark said. “The new flared wings and increased size are powered by quality construction and our innovative technology, and it all adds up to our customer getting even more jobs done faster.”

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