John Deere announces 2021 mower updates and attachments

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

John Deere recently unveiled updates to the Z900 Commercial ZTrak lineup for 2021, including machine enhancements, a new deck option and three new attachment offerings.

As a result, John Deere says customers will have more durable and efficient solutions built to meet their productivity, efficiency and comfort needs.

“It is important for us to provide our customers with the performance, durability and reliability that they expect from a John Deere machine,” says Ruben Peña, product manager, John Deere. “With these updates, we are further enhancing our outstanding ZTrak lineup, while also adding new options and offerings to meet the needs of our customers. These updates allow us to provide our customers with improved solutions that are designed to maximize jobsite efficiency.”

For 2021, John Deere says it has made updates to its line of commercial zero-turn mowers. The company says all Z900 M and R Series mowers now come with spoked rims and cast iron spindles on all mower deck sizes. The company adds that all Z900 machines, including the E, M and R Series models, are now available with quick-release belt covers.

Additionally, John Deere says a 54-inch Mulch on Demand mower deck has been added as an option on the Z950M, providing a 27-horsepower mulching solution to power through tough conditions.

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

John Deere says it is also introducing three new attachments for the Z900 ZTrak line, including a string trimmer rack, cargo tray and tool carrier. The company says the string trimmer mount enables the operator to keep handheld string trimmers on the machine for easy access.

John Deere says with the cargo tray, operators can store up to 20 pounds of small, hand-held items, providing more storage on machines. Lastly, the company says the tool carrier allows standard yard tools to be carried on the mower.

The company also debuted the Fastback PRO rear-discharge mower deck for its line of gas and diesel Z900 ZTrak mowers.

Available in a 60- or 72-inch cutting widths, the company says the rear-discharge mower deck increases productivity and improves operator comfort without sacrificing cut quality. Well-suited for a variety of applications, John Deere says the addition of the new deck offers a solution for professional landscape customers who desire or require the rear-discharge placement of grass or debris.

As a result of the rear-discharge design, the company says the chance of damage from objects being thrown from the mower deck is decreased. John Deere says the unique design also helps minimize the amount of debris blown onto the operator, resulting in a cleaner mowing experience.

Additionally, the company says the rear-discharge mower deck saves time by allowing operators to mow closely around fixed objects with either side of the deck.

“Every landscaping business is different, and we are committed to continuously listening to our customers to provide the right solutions for their operations,” says Peña. “With the addition of the new mower deck, we are providing our customers – especially those working in restrictive applications – with a mower that meets their needs, while also delivering the performance and durability they expect from a John Deere machine.”

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

The company says the commercial-quality, reinforced deep-deck design allows for a large volume of material to be thoroughly processed during operation. John Deere says the baffling system is designed to reduce clumping and windrowing.

The company says the baffles surrounding each blade enhance efficiency by controlling and directing material as it moves to the rear. The company says the baffles are lowered at the rear so that collected material can be quickly discharged to minimize the likelihood that clippings will be expelled to unwanted areas.

John Deere says materials are directed to the rear, kept low and guided into the turf by the flexible rear shield, ensuring the operator will have a clean experience while using the rear-discharge mower deck.

The company says the rear-discharge deck is suspended from and supported by the mower to provide a level cut, and the mower deck wheels and rollers help smooth out mowing in uneven conditions and reduce the chance of scalping.

John Deere says two wheel and roller heights, higher and lower, can be set based on the mowing conditions. The company says the higher settings can be used when mowing at lower cut heights, in rougher conditions or as necessary to reduce the chance of the wheels hitting the ground.

The company says the lower settings are ideal for higher cut heights and smoothing out the mowing job, and the mower cut height can be adjusted from the machine operator’s station, ranging from 1 to 5.5 inches.

Increasing the durability of the machine, John Deere says the mower blade drive system is powered by a universal joint shaft drive from the vehicle transmission and includes a heavy-duty right-angle, cast-iron gearbox and a v-belt drive system.

For additional convenience, John Deere says easy access grease fittings are mounted at the top of the spindle shafts, and the grease pressure-relief valves minimize seal damage from overfilling and keep debris from entering the housing.

To reduce maintenance efforts, the company says quick-release belt covers provide easy access to the spindle pockets by lifting one corner of the cover and rotating to remove, and no tools and no ring clip are required.

The company says the hole in the deck tab is provided for use of an optional ring clip if desired. With only a single belt to service and a center spindle accessible with a removable foot platform, John Deere says servicing is quick and manageable.

Finally, John Deere says a serrated surface is welded to the top left corner of the deck, providing additional traction when entering and exiting the machine.

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere
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