Round Up: Savvy software

Cost, scheduling and design functions in one software package
VectorWorks bills its “Landscape for Landscape Designers” software as having a short learning curve while helping companies become more productive, competitive and profitable. The program features advanced 2-D and 3-D site design capabilities, automatic schedules and reports, a plant database and free symbol libraries. Landscape designers can create precise planting, hardscape, irrigation, site and detail drawings, and the built-in plant database helps store and manage plant data. High-quality 3-D presentations can be produced to show to clients.

Clock yourself in and out with PocketClock
Exaktime’s PocketClock is for on-the-go workers who visit several jobsites each day. The software tracks worker attendance on a hand-held device that allows each worker to clock themselves in and out using a personalized PIN. When a worker clocks in, they are prompted to enter their jobsite location and the cost code of the work they are performing. At the end of a pay period, the records download into Exaktime’s TimeSummit software, reducing payroll preparation time. The PocketClock also recognizes if a PIN belongs to a supervisor and provides the ability to clock in and out for an entire crew.

Business management solutions specifically tailored for the green industry
A comprehensive, integrated software system, Include Software’s Asset program is a business operations management solution designed for the green industry. Asset eliminates the need to link programs like Excel or QuickBooks together to manage businesses. Features of the program include creating estimates and proposals, e-mailing proposals to clients, scheduling jobs, identifying materials needed and used and track estimated vs. actual costs and revenue. Asset can help reduce overhead, take financial control and increase profits, according to the company.

Program suite enhances design proposals for both landscapers and customers
PRO Landscape 13, manufactured by Drafix Software, is a design suite that includes three integrated modules to create photorealistic presentations of design plans, 2-D site plans and automated client proposals. The program features more than 5,000 high-quality images and comprehensive layout plans, including irrigation. The suite’s components includes Image Editor, Landscape Planner and Landscape Proposal programs. These elements provide customers with a visual presentation of a proposed project, including outdoor and holiday lighting. It also creates 2-D site plans that represent the installation of plantings, sprinkler systems and hardscapes.

Complete design solutions for companies of all sizes
RainCAD X Series 9.0 DesignCAD edition and the all-new RainCAD X Series 4.0 AutoCAD edition provide complete landscape and irrigation design solutions for any size landscaping company. The software features manual and automatic plant and sprinkler placement, area and volume calculations and distribution analysis. Hydraulic calculations, material lists, estimating, symbol legends and installation details are just a few of the bonus features of RainCAD’s software for the landscape designer.

Comprehensive, GPS-enhanced software tools for landscape design
According to Visual Impact Imaging, Earthscapes landscape design program is a comprehensive technical tool for landscape design, including photo-imaging, a site plan designer, estimator and plant selector. Based on the Corel Designer platform, Earthscapes can create a portfolio including a photo image of the design, a scale drawing using industry standard scales, an estimate and sheets of proposed plant material. Designers also can sell additional services with a night lighting feature. It also can be used in conjunction with GPS Designer, which allows landscapers to map projects on site and import the measurements into Earthscapes.

Wireless business and tracking software available in English and Spanish
Sensible Software’s 2007 version of CLIP software features CLIP2Go that is compatible with any Windows Mobil device and syncs to your desktop CLIP, either wired or through the Internet. In addition to holding customer contact databases, jobs and notes, the program can add customers and new jobs, record customers’ signatures and log work time. The software is available in English and Spanish, and links with GPS and Destinator to give verbal bilingual directions to your next property. Have a lost crew? CLIP2Go also can record the latitude and longitude of a truck to help get it back on track.

Reduce administrative time each month
Adkad Technologies’ GroundsKeeperPro software is designed to improve the efficiency of small to mid-size landscaping companies by cutting non-income producing administrative time. It can manage a database of up to 10,000 customers and interface with job scheduling, routing, estimation and billing functions. The customer database management system also provides detailed information on customer history from accounting and service perspectives. The software is compatible with any PC that has a Windows operating system of 98 or newer.

Database software keeps employees in touch with the office
Landscape crews can download work orders from home or any remote location via hand-held devices, as well as track time, parts used and service notes with Rain Bird’s Contractor Management System Pro. Developed exclusively for the irrigation industry, CMS Pro combined accounting, inventory, time management and customer databases into a secure, paperless system. According to the company, CMS Pro eliminates inaccuracies in interpreting hand-written work orders and documents. The software integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting software.

Save time and money with professional-grade design software
DSD International’s SOFT3D PLAN software creates professional landscape designs quickly, saving your company time and money. Impress your clients with before and after photos, create panoramic views and quickly calculate cost estimates. The software is divided into four module options and it can be customized to fit your specific business requirements. Its design programs include: planning and photo, complete plan, combined and panorama landscapes. The panorama option is handy in small spaces and allows you take two photos and merge them for a complete view. It is compatible with Windows 2000 or NT.

Cell phone-integrated scheduling software
Alocet’s QXpress v7.0 integrates with Nextel GPS-enabled phones and QuickBooks to enhance contact management and job estimating features. QX Mobile 2.0 is a version of PDA software available for Windows Mobil Pocket PCs. It enables you to take QXpress on jobsites to track start times, stop times, materials used, look up customer information and sync wirelessly with the office. Version 2.0 offers the ability to customize your data entry screen and print templates designed in QXpress.

Hand-held scanner automates time clock tracking
Modeco Systems’ hand-held bar code scanner, TimeScape, helps automate the collection of time, task, materials and payroll information throughout an employee’s workday. The scanner shows exact times of arrival and departure from jobsites, calculates travel time and on job time and downloads to a central database with the click of a mouse. According to the manufacturer, the device is designed for landscape contractors offering landscape installation and maintenance, chemical application, snow removal, interior plant maintenance and others.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover