Round Up: Chemicals and delivery systems

BugBarrier Tree Band stops gypsy moth
EnviroMetrics’ BugBarrier Tree Band provides a pesticide-free way to stop gypsy moth infestations and is effective, clean and easy to install and remove. The band is packaged in a kit made of a dense, flexible fiber barrier and an adhesive film barrier. The fiber is wrapped around the tree trunk to fill bark crevices, and the film is installed over the fiber with the adhesive facing the tree. Special gypsy moth kits also contain a roll of Top Wrap, which is wrapped around the top of the band to give the caterpillars a bridge when descending the tree.

Backpack sprayer resists most chemicals
The Shindaiwa SP415 four-gallon backpack sprayer is constructed of high-density, UV-protected polyethylene and features an internal piston pump that provides up to 90 psi of operating pressure and reduces the chance of external leaks. The sprayer also has adjustable, padded shoulder straps, a deluxe trigger valve and reversible pump handles to adapt to any user. It is equipped with an internal agitator, three nozzles and a field repair kit.

Spreader useful for a variety of materials
Earth & Turf’s MultiSpread 200 spreads topdressing on lawns, chips on pathways and sand or grit on sidewalks and driveways. The spreader has a capacity of 15 cubic feet and a spread width of up to 60 inches. Available in ground drive or hydraulic drive, the model 200 can be pulled by a variety of tow vehicles, including ATVs. An optional loading chute accommodates loading with buckets up to 66 inches wide.

Fertilizer made for outdoor ornamentals
Scotts Landscaper PRO Outdoor Ornamentals fertilizer is for use on annual and perennial flowers, shrubs, trees and roses. The fertilizer provides balanced feeding with micronutrients and is specially formulated with Scotts Poly-S extended-release fertilizer, which feeds up to four months. A 50-pound bag covers up to 7,800 square feet.

Delivery system for granular and liquid products
The SS20035 Turf Tracker Stealth, the latest design from C&S Turf Care Equipment, incorporates efficient material carrying ability in a maneuverable package for high productivity. With zero-turn hydrostatic drive and a wider wheelbase for stability on hills, the Turf Tracker Stealth delivers granular and liquid products at a rate of up to one acre per 10 minutes.

Electric PowerPack adapts to all spreaders
Automatic Turf Products’ Electric PowerPack is installed using all existing holes in the frames of any spreader. With the ability to operate in forward and reverse with full speed variability, the operator has full control of the spreading process. The drive unit features a “free wheel” position to allow spreader movement in an unpowered mode. According to the manufacturer, the pack is noiseless and can be field charged with the installation of a small inverter on a pickup. Running time is approximately eight hours between charges.

Sprayable herbicide on the market
Dimension 2EW, a sprayable herbicide produced by Dow AgroSciences, offers early post-emergence control of crabgrass, pre-emergence control of other grassy and broadleaf weeds and can be sprayed over the top of landscape ornamentals. Dimensions 2EW is a water-based formulation that’s available in half-gallon, 21/2 gallon and 30 gallon containers.

Bayer’s new fertilizer offers fire ant control
Bayer Environmental Science’s TopChoice + Fertilizer offers the control of an insecticide with the convenience of a fertilizer. Turf managers looking to save time and money will benefit from this fire ant control combined with nutrients needed for healthy turf. The active ingredient in TopChoice is also the industry-leading pesticide for mole crickets, providing four months of control. TopChoice + Fertilizer can be applied at rates of 3, 4 or 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet (up to 219 pounds per acre).

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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