Founding Advertiser Profile: Bayer Environmental Services

Answered by: Jason Kuhlemeier, Lawn and Landscape Market Lead Bayer Environmental Science

How long has your company been involved in the landscaping industry?

Bayer Environmental Science has been in the landscape business since the mid-1970s. As the lawn and landscape business grew, so did our product lines and sophistication of our technology.

What are some of the mistakes you’ve seen landscapers make?

Lawn care and landscape professionals often focus too heavily on the “low-hanging fruit” jobs: mowing, fertilization and weed control. There are multiple add-on businesses they could investigate, such as disease-control, tree-and-shrub care and specialty insect control. Fire ants in the South and invasive tree pests, like emerald ash borer and hemlock woolly adelgid in the North, are becoming increasingly more of a problem for homeowners.

Does your company help find solutions for these mistakes?

Yes, we offer extensive training through workshops, Healthy Lawns Healthy Business seminars and one-on-one support for individual companies. In addition, we have developed easy-to-use products, such as Armada fungicide, specifically for the landscape market.

Does your company have a program(s) to help landscapers grow and diversify their businesses?

We have a sales force specifically dedicated to the lawn and landscape market segment. Our Lawn Care Institute (LCI), established in 2006, is committed to providing lawn care and landscape professionals with resources to maintain and grow their businesses. LCI offers a variety of business seminars, presenting technical expertise and business-building information in the areas of human resources, finance, marketing and more.

What kinds of after-sale support or training do you or your distribution network offer?

We provide information on weed, insect and disease identification, life cycles and control options. Our sales and technical reps will visit customers to review application methods, use-rate calculations and specific regional pest issues. In addition, if a lawn care company specifically wants to branch out into new areas, our sales reps and technical development reps will visit its facility and offer training to its employees.

What advantages do you feel you hold over your competitors?

As a basic manufacturer, Bayer provides better product availability through its extensive distributor network, increased responsiveness to customer needs and an in-depth knowledge of this market segment. Research is continually conducted to arrive at new and better solutions to pest problems.

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