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New excavator more maneuverable

Case designed a line of minimum swing radius excavators to operate in limited access conditions. The design allows for operation against the sides of buildings, along lot lines or near other obstructions, but the machines are also suitable for more spacious sites. Four models are included in the line: the CX75, CX80, CX135 and CX225.

Log splitter for skid steers

Timberwolf’s new generation of Pro’s Choice log splitters is designed specifically for skid steers. The TW-S3HD is a heavy-duty version of the TW-3HD and draws power from the skid steer’s hydraulic system. The attachment splits logs up to 24 inches long and features 18 to 20 tons of splitting force and an 8- to 12-second cycle time.

Control algae in ponds and on surfaces

GreenClean Granular Algaecide is an EPA registered product designed to eliminate and control algae in ponds, water gardens, fountains and waterfalls. It can also remove algae on a variety of surfaces including birdbaths, statues and fountains. GreenClean Granular works on contact by fighting algae blooms and releasing oxygen into the water as it biodegrades. Results can be seen in 24 to 48 hours.

Horizontal grinder for small jobs

Rayco Manufacturing’s RH1754 horizontal grinder weighs 14,000 pounds and is compact enough to maneuver on small jobsites inaccessible to larger machines. The newest addition to Rayco’s environmental equipment line, the grinder can process tree limbs, brush, sawmill waste, dimensional lumber scraps and pallets, and also regrind wood chips.

Granular insecticide registered with EPA

DuPont’s Acelepryn granular insecticide received registration with the EPA, and its active ingredient is classified as EPA Reduced Risk for turf applications. With one early application, Acelepryn controls all 10 key turf-damaging white grub species plus surface-feeding insects such as cutworms, webworms, annual bluegrass weevils and billbugs. Designed for a wide range of sites and landscape ornamentals, Acelepryn has a low impact on non-target organisms.

Adjust cutting height with the push of a button

Country Clipper’s new Power Lift push-button deck lift is available on select Boss mower models for 2009. With the Power Lift, operators can make cutting height adjustments by simply pushing a button. The previous stand-up deck feature also has been enhanced by the Power Lift, allowing operators to stand the deck in a vertical position for cleaning and maintenance.

New multi-task tractors from Branson

Branson adds two multi-task tractors to its product line, the MTT 3510 and MTT 4720, with 35-and 47-horsepower engines, respectively. Each comes equipped with a hydrostatic transmission and can be ordered as a forklift tractor or front mounted 3-point hitch power unit. The tractors are versatile enough to handle applications from vegetables and fruit transportation to basic material handling.

Combat ethanol-related problems with fuel stabilizer

Sta-bil from Gold Eagle is a fuel stabilizer to prevent oxidation of fuel during storage. It is now available with an improved formula to fight problems related to ethanol, including corrosion damage to fuel tanks, fuel lines, carburetors and injectors. Sta-bil contains a water remover and injector cleaner to keep carburetors and fuel injectors clean and is safe for small gasoline-power equipment up to trucks and SUVs.

Trimmer head designed to guard against problems

The F-One series of trimmer heads from Arnetoli is designed to combat common problems such as line breaking and retooling. The line shielder system stops the line from breaking at the eyelets, insuring a continuous job. F-One series trimmer heads are easily retooled without dismantling the head. Both models feature a larger spool capacity of nearly double the typical amount.

Gain versatility with new Toro Dingo models

Toro simplified its compact utility loader lineup by replacing the TX420 and TX425 models with the TX427 in narrow and wide track models. Both loaders feature increased horsepower with 27-horsepower Kohler engines, and each has an operating capacity of 535 pounds. The narrow track loader fits through a standard 36-inch gate with 5.9-inch-wide tracks, and the wide track model can pass through a 42-inch gate with 9.5-inch-wide tracks.

Save time and labor on irrigation installation

Underhill manufactures 2Wire Decoder Modules that convert Hunter ICC Controllers to two-wire operation. The module snaps directly into the ICC’s module slot. Using a 2Wire system requires less copper wire and reduces installation time and labor on quarter-acre and larger sites. With this system, only a single pair of wires extends from the controller to each valve in the irrigation network.

Reduce the mess from soiled shoes

With Tidy Trax from Perfect Fit, landscapers can enter their home or office without removing dirty shoes or boots. Tidy Trax is a hands-free shoe cover made of durable EVA foam that won’t scratch or harm floors. Covers are hands-free as users simply step into them, and a heel kicker on the rear allows for easy removal.

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Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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