Exxon OilShield Breather Filters Help Remove Airborne Dirt and Water Contamination from Lubricant Reservoirs, Gearboxes and Storage Tanks

FAIRFAX, VA, August 14, 2002 – Exxon OilShield Reservoir Breather Filters help to maintain oil quality and to eliminate maintenance concerns by working to prevent water and airborne dirt contaminants from entering lubricant reservoirs, gearboxes and storage tanks.

These Breather Filters are available in three models – XON-2S, XON-3S and XON-4S. All three models of Exxon OilShield Breather Filters feature an advanced, patented design that helps remove contaminants that can affect oil quality. ExxonMobil recommends replacing these filters when the color changes from blue to pink, or after one year of service, whichever happens first.

Exxon OilShield Breather Filters are ideal for use in gearboxes; all types of stationary and mobile hydraulic systems; bearing circulating systems; robotic hydraulic equipment; transformers with oil cooled design; switch gears; non-aqueous chemical process storage/handling tanks; diesel fuel storage tanks; day tanks on diesel powered generators; mobile earthmoving equipment; turbines; boiler feed pumps; peaking units; electro-
discharging machining; automatic screw machines; agricultural equipment; aerospace and high-tech welding applications; board mills; wood yards; roll handling areas of paper mills; and vacuum and welding chambers.

Exxon OilShield Breather Filters can be adapted to air breathers for off-road vehicles and other applications.

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