Think Big, Go Green with 27.00R49 E4 VMTP Continuum® Retreads by Bridgestone Americas Off Road

The 27.00R49 VMTP Continuum retread (C1073) design offers operators extended tire life by utilizing high quality Bridgestone casings with precure tread rubber. 


Advantages of Precure Tread Rubber

  • Consistency in quality and compounds compared to mold cure tread rubber leading to consistent treadware performance.

  • No distortion of casing since tread is made to fit the tire.

  • Less degradation of casing that can be caused by the high cure temperatures of mold curing.



Throughout 2009 Continuum will be launching new tread designs like the C1001 and C1091. The C1001 will emulate Bridgestone™s VUT tread design and will be available in the 1400R24 size. This tread design adapts to a variety of environments.  It provides excellent traction and works equally well on graders in city and country maintenance work, construction and mining applications. The C1091 will emulate Bridgestone™s VSNT tread design and will provide great traction and deliver extra long wear; great for underground mining, scrap or solid waste application. The C1091 will be best used in short hauls, slow speed and severe application. It will be available in the following sizes: 35/65R33, 29.5R25, 26.5R25 and 23.5R25.

Also in 2009, Continuum will be adding new sizes to their already existing line of tread designs. C1072 E4 VMT tread design will soon be available in 20.5R25 and in C1073 E4 VMTP tread design will be available in 18.00R25 and 18.00R33.  


Fleets seeking further information may contact Wilhelm Brau @ (615) 937-5770 or by email at [email protected]

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