Towmaster Titanium T-110DTG (Detachable Gooseneck)

Litchfield, MN 55355 Towmaster™s Titanium T-110DTG detachable gooseneck trailer is made for hauling large heavy equipment. It is one of the easiest trailers to use making it popular among contractors, equipment dealers and heavy equipment rental yards.

The Titanium Series includes high-tech features found exclusively on the Towmaster, as well as other popular features synonymous with detachable gooseneck trailers. They include: state-of-the-art modular frame construction with fabricated cambered T-1 steel beams, non-ground bearing scraper profile gooseneck, 10-in deep crossmembers with 4-in wide crossmember flanges for more contact to the side beams, 5-position load blocks for multiple ride heights, standard open boom well, selfaligning positive mechanical lock, hydraulically operated gooseneck, sealed-beam modular wiring harness and polyurethane primer and paint applied before finishing for a professional, durable look.

Towmaster Titanium T-100DTG

  • 110,000 lb. (55-ton) capacity

  • Non-ground bearing scraper profile gooseneck

  • 10-in deep crossmembers with 4-in wide crossmember flanges

  • 5-position load blocks for multiple ride heights

  • Standard open boom well

  • Self-aligning positive mechanical lock

  • Hydraulically operated gooseneck

  • Sealed-beam modular wiring harness

  • Ridewell Air-Ride suspension

  • 22.5-in wheels and tires

  • 24-ft deck

  • Full 2-in white oak wood

  • Polyurethane primer and paint for a durable finish

    Towmaster™s Titanium T-110DTG is available at your Towmaster trailers dealer.
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