Oregon enters the commercial battery power market

Updated Nov 4, 2017
Photo: OregonPhoto: Oregon

Oregon has released its 120V Professional Series outdoor power equipment line that it says provides more power than gas-fueled equipment.

Photo: OregonPhoto: Oregon

Until now, Oregon says that battery technology hasn’t been robust enough to serve the commercial landscaping market, but its new line will not force crews to compromise when it comes to power.

Working with feedback from commercial landscaping crews and industry veterans, Oregon says its new set of tools allow operators to work quietly while matching the power of gas-fueled equipment.

“Oregon has been serving lawn and landscape professionals for decades,” said Josh Huffman, business segment director of outdoor power equipment for Oregon. “We understand the need for cordless products that are powerful enough for heavy commercial work, but also enable crews to operate quietly and with more care for the environment. We’re confident that our new Oregon 120V Professional Series will help extend the work day, reduce downtime and offer the professional grade reliability and durability need to help our customers grow their businesses.”

The machines feature a patented “Stealth Mode” that allows users to run the machines at full-speed without violating noise restrictions and has water and dust seals that allow the tools to run in any type of weather condition without concern for the electrical components.

Photo: OregonPhoto: Oregon

The 120V Professional Series has four pieces available for the 2018 season and include a backpack blower, string trimmer, extended hedge trimmer and edger.

The equipment is powered by Oregon’s interchangeable 120V battery platform where landscapers can place batteries in a backpack-style carrier for reduced tool weight and better ergonomics.

Oregon currently offers two capacity levels. The BX975 is a 973-watt hour power pack while the BX650 is a 648-watt hours, but is lighter.

This new line of battery-powered equipment will be available in 2018. To learn more or request a demo, click here.

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