Jobber announces new tipping and referral feature

Updated Jun 10, 2022

Jobber, a provider of home service management software, has announced the general availability of new features that make it easier for homeowners to reward their service pros directly with tips and support their businesses through referrals to friends and family. These features are designed to help service pros better meet increasing consumer expectations for seamless, technology-enabled service experiences.

"Building a reputation for excellent customer service doesn't happen overnight," said Sam Pillar, CEO & co-founder of Jobber. "Businesses that use Jobber understand the importance of prioritizing the customer experience, and we want to make sure that their efforts don't go unrewarded. Jobber now helps keep your team motivated to prioritize customer service by being able to earn tips and helps you grow your business through customer referrals when you've delivered an excellent customer experience."

Tip collection and online payment

Jobber's tipping feature makes it easier for home service businesses to motivate high-performing team members in industries where it is customary to tip, such as residential cleaning, window cleaning, lawn care, and pool and spa servicing. Each business owner controls when to offer their customers the ability to add a tip. When enabled, the option to tip appears during the payment process when a homeowner pays their invoice online with Jobber Payments. Homeowners can choose a percent-based tip (10%, 15%, or 20%) or fill in a custom amount.

This feature also allows managers to identify strong performers by tracking which team members are receiving tips and for how much. When tipping has been presented as an option, nearly one in four (24%) of homeowners opt to provide a tip. In the past five months, Jobber has facilitated the collection of nearly $3M in tips for service pros.

Client referrals

The referrals feature allows homeowners to promote the good work of a home service business to friends and family. The 'refer a friend' prompt is displayed to homeowners in Jobber's online customer portal, encouraging them to share booking links via email, text, or social media. New leads show up in Jobber tagged with information on the client who referred them, so businesses can reward customers for their advocacy.

To learn more about Jobber and how these new features improve the customer experience, visit:

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