FieldBin rolls out new features for its field service management software

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FieldBin, a field service management (FSM) software provider, has announced the roll out of several new features to its application, including GPS stamping for location and time tracking, inventory management for multiple locations, and increased customer messaging capabilities via email and text confirmations, “on my way” notifications, technician reminders, and live chat support for 24/7 assistance.

Additionally, FieldBin added custom tax rate capabilities support for countries outside the U.S. that use a VAT tax system. Now, tax can be applied to individual line items on an invoice instead of the invoice as a whole, and multiple tax rates can be used on a single invoice. FieldBin also made Quickbooks integration data synchronization improvements to better align operations and reporting information.

“These new features are designed to give trade professionals and their teams the advantages they need to be faster, more efficient, and make more money,” says FieldBin president and co-founder Garrett Wilson. “We continue to develop and improve on features using feedback from our customers who understand that the better their businesses run, the better service they can provide to their customers.”

Last December, FieldBin launched several new features that included a new price book which the company expanded on in this latest round of feature updates. Companies can now build a price book of services they offer and then easily apply them to an invoice or estimate at a later date.

FieldBin is an easy-to-use software tool for hard-working, field service trade business owners and teams who want to reduce the hassle of back-office operations, cut down on paperwork, and streamline processes. Its features include work order scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, inventory management, estimating and quotes, payments processing, service portal, and customer management with a simple-to-use interface, intuitive navigation, and easy drag-and-drop functionality – all accessible from anywhere on any device.

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