Field Guide – June 2009

Early-blooming daisies

Voltage Yellow Osteospermums are a smart purchase for your next job for two reasons: its color and its lifespan. This low-growing Osteospermum displays a popping, vibrant hue and distributes over large areas for easy coverage. The flora also blossoms weeks earlier in spring than other varieties and lasts the whole season. Growers can use fewer PGRs; this minimum exertion plant still branches fully.

Versatile trailer for all landscape jobs

The Back Forty utility trailer, manufactured by Southern Outdoor Technologies, is a highly customizable hauling attachment. It hauls up to 1,500 pounds at 48 inches wide and 72 inches long. Landscapers can equip it to their specifications with off road or turf tires, quick release tongue and cargo basket options. Standard features are a 14-gauge steel frame, a 5-lug hub and axle, 2-inch coupler and removable tongue and stake pockets.

Indoor and outdoor clock-in system

Exaktime has long offered workers a portable outdoor clock-in method with their JobClock, PocketClock and GPS models using JobClock System software. The new ClockPoint Kiosk software enables employees in the office to clock in with similarly less hassle. Employees key in personal codes on the KeyTab Reader, which hooks up to the USB port. The ClockPoint Kiosk runs on laptops or PCs with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Core drills with better control

Atlas Copco has added extra comfort and safety features for overall improved control of drilling. The LCD 500 and LCD 1500 models’ handles have attached hydraulic inlets and hoses to decrease torque pressure. Handles are extendable with coated rubber grips. Additionally, they’re equipped with a soft start for optimum control and safe use when operating them. Triggers have been redesigned with trigger locking, trigger guards and trigger mechanism protection features.

Easy cleanup with mini-trencher

The Kwik-Trench walk-behind steel mini-trencher from Little Beaver creates minimum lawn damage while trench digging. Its pneumatic tires roll easily over turf without disturbing its appearance. Carbide-tipped steel teeth carve out 2-inch trenches and dump sediment alongside them for swift cleanup. Kwik-Trench’s two models are available with engines running up to 8 horsepower and can dig trenches 8 to 12 inches deep and 1 to 4 inches wide.

Long-reach pruners allow safe cutting

Corona Clipper’s new long-reach pruners let you stay grounded while clipping hard-to-reach branches. The TP 3206 and TP 3212 feature Dual Arc blades with a 1/-inch cutting width for stemming and slicing, 360-degree rotating heads, and a Powerglide Comfort Grip. The TP 3206 and TP 3212 are 5 feet and 7 feet in length, respectively. The TP 3212 has a supplementary handsaw to remove bulkier branches.

Gather debris with skid-steer bucket

AIM Attachments now makes a skid-steer rock bucket for easier collection of rocks and debris in work areas. The 74-inch bucket attaches to any skid-steer loader with a universal style mount. It features a ridge to keep the debris in place while loading and an open tine layout to simultaneously gather rocks and sift out dirt.

Turf fungicide now in liquid form

PBI/Gordon’s Teremec SP 2.9F turf fungicide is now offered in liquid form as an alternative to the standard just-add-water powder form. The product is a free flowing form of the active bacteria-killing ingredient, chloroneb. It’s designed with the same objective to control and rid turf of problematic snow mold, pythium, southern blight and other organisms, but allows turf managers to apply the product to spots immediately.

Portable weather station

Onset’s HOBO U30/NRC weather station starter kit obtains weather data from the U30/NRC system with its HOBO U30/NRC data logger from 10 plug-and-play weather smart sensors. It collects information on temperature, humidity, wind speed and other weather factors that can upload to a PC or MAC with the HOBOware Pro software. The kit can also withstand the elements due to its NEMA 6-rated, double weatherproof enclosure. Features include a solar radiation shield and solar-powered battery recharger.

New line of trailer lighting

Valley introduces an LED and incandescent trailer lighting product line. LED and incandescent trailer lighting kits come in 10- and 24-diode LED patterns. They’re shock resistant on bumpy roads and last an estimated six times longer than regular incandescents. The trailer light assortment comes with 4- and 6-inch replacement bulbs for quick fixes, and offers submersible and non-submersible lights for trailers of any width.

Aerator/slicer models for any job

Gandy’s new core aerator with knife product is a 4-foot shrouded aerator, with independent aerating arms fitted with 3/4-inch slicing knives. Each model features a 3-point hitch or towing package. Gandy’s original line of core aerators/slicers comes in 34, 72 and 96 inches. For special jobs, a knife aerator option can be attached to Gandy’s 18-inch x 24-inch lawn roller.

Track loader pushes harder

Steel-track models of Bobcat’s original compact rubber-track loaders are available. The newest version can push with 45-percent more power, last up to three times longer, and has up to 40 attachments for optimum customization. Thanks to improvements such as the sealed and lubricated chain, forged idlers and rollers and 50-percent less internal bushing wear, the T250, T300 and T320 can last through 5,000 hours on the job.

Pave Tech offers two paver edge restraints

Pave Tech’s Pave Edge Pro contains more material weight than other edge restraints, and has been used by landscapers for more than 20 years. Pave Edge Standard offers a slightly reduced dimensional profile and a stacking bar for easier distribution. According to the manufacturer, taking the original patented design and modifying certain features allows for better pricing without compromising Pave Tech’s strength.

Herbicide tackles dollarweed

Dow AgroSciences’ Lockup herbicide controls dollarweed, white clover, kyllinga, Florida betony, chickweed and other Southern weeds plaguing turf. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved its active chemical ingredient, penoxsulam, which can kill weeds at .02 to .06 pounds per acre. Dow also plans to introduce the herbicide with 2,4-D and dicambia for cooler months.

Stainless-steel underwater lights

Orbit/Evergreen’s stainless-steel 316 underwater lights are low-voltage accessories designed for residential and commercial water installation projects. The SS510 Series range from 33/4 inches to 5 inches in height and display three lens cover shapes in hooded, louvered and flush. They also come with MR16 20W lamps and offer a choice of colored lenses: red, green, yellow and purple.

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