New Products for 2009

Updated Feb 5, 2013

Clear paths with salt
Morton’s Ice Melter Blend crystals offer precise application and distribution over ice. The active sodium chloride and calcium chloride compounds heat at the point of contact with snow. Crystals are effective in temperatures as low as -15 degrees. The blend is also available in a blue-tinted form for easier application and visibility.

Heavy-duty forklift for multi-tasking
Palfinger manufactures this all-purpose forklift, which offers optimum power, maneuverability and speed. It can lift a wide variety of materials, from brick to sod to blocks, from 4,500 to 6,500 pounds depending on the model. All units are truck-mounted. Palfinger is offering $2,000 rebates for all orders received by December 31.

 Phosphorus-free turf food
Novozymes added an environmentally friendly fertilizer to its ROOTS plant care line. Turf Food 15-0-8 is an organic, phosphorus-free fertilizer packed with microbes for healthier soil. The fertilizer’s unvarying granulation product keeps the food in the root zone. It contains slow- and quick-release nitrogen and water-soluble and water-insoluble nitrogen sources to consistently feed plants a steady supply of nutrients.

Advanced GPS system guides drivers
The PND-K3msn from Alpine Electronics of America allows drivers to upload weather, traffic, gas prices, news, stock prices and movie information through MSN Direct’s wireless network. Customers receive a three-month free trial to the service, which is available in 134 cities. With the “Send to GPS” feature, customers access directions and listings from a PC and digitally send them to their PND-K3msn. It also includes a built-in Bluetooth and SD card slot.

Wheel lock theft-proofs vehicles
Used by police for years, the Alpha Lock Wheel Lock is available to all drivers for protection against auto theft. The lock is constructed of hardened steel and has been heat treated six times. It is pick-, drill- and Freon-resistant and withstands up to 3,500 pounds of force. It can be installed in 5 seconds or less and fits all tires up to 11.5 inches wide. A two-year warranty is available.

Check tire pressure from your dashboard
The Doran 360HD Tire Pressure Monitoring System displays tire pressure status for up to 36 tires on a digital, mounted LCD screen. Using the Green Means Good indicator and wireless, corrosion-resistant tire pressure sensors, air levels are constantly monitored and fed to drivers. Features include four-way navigational buttons, a “Fast Leak” alarm and four notification signals. It can be used on trucks, tractors and trailers and has an estimated nine-month reimbursement.

Bigger trunk pump moves solids
The new TP-4PTR Lowell Scott trunk pump is the latest addition to the line of water management pumps in a larger, 4-inch model. The larger handling capacity of the pump allows professionals to control a higher volume output and transfer solids, while still adhering to the rest of the line’s low-maintenance, sole-operator standards. The trash pump can be used on farms, golf courses, construction sites and municipalities.

Vehicle floor liners shield interior
WeatherTech Extreme-Duty FloorLiners from MacNeil Automotive are made of semi-flexible, high-density tri-extruded material. Laid inside vehicles in over 400 applications, they create friction with the carpet to hold in place while giving added comfort to operators. Additionally, the liner surfacing contains channels for fluid and debris movement, resulting in less interior seepage and debris.

PBI/Gordon’s Teremec available in liquid form
Teremec SP 2.9F turf fungicide is available in liquid form as an alternative to the standard wettable powder formulation. The active ingredient chloroneb is important in the control of turf-destroying disease organisms, including snow mold, brown patch, pythium and southern blight. According to PBI/Gordon, chloroneb offers the quickest control of pythium blight in the industry with no known resistance to the product.

Increase sales with software
Depiction Software’s Hardscape Imaging Software helps contractors in the decorative concrete, interlocking paving or hardscape specialties visually demonstrate their ideas to customers in a 3D model. The software is programmed with a myriad of interior and exterior floor and hardscape options, as well as landscaping workups.

Small excavator boasts heavy-duty power
The JCB 8035 ZTS Mini Excavator can be hauled by smaller 3/4 -ton trucks while doing the job of larger excavators. Each 8035 model weighs just over 8,000 pounds, yet touts a 30.4-horsepower engine and sizeable diesel tank for less refueling breaks. The excavator can dig up to 11 feet, 6 inches deep, and contains a progressive boom-end damping, a zero tail-swing feature and noise-muffling cab.

Load bulky landscape equipment easily
Redi Haul tandem axle tiltbeds are useful for loading and transporting heavy-duty landscape equipment to job sites. The tiltbeds have a 9-degree tilt angle and are designed for low-clearance, hard-to-load machines. Each comes with a tilt cushion cylinder, torsion axles with electric brakes, 7,000-pound drop leg landing jack and shock-mounted LED lights. Options include a pintle eye hitch, dual locking cylinders and a 12-volt wet cell breakaway battery.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover