Rain Bird products receive prestigious industry certification

Updated Feb 20, 2013

Rain Bird’s SMRT-Y soil moisture sensor and WR2 wireless rain sensor have been approved for certification by Smart Approved WaterMark, and will be, labeled with the Smart Approved WaterMark symbol designating them as water-efficient irrigation system components.

A nonprofit organization, Australia’s Smart Approved WaterMark is setting an international standard for the identification of water-saving products that can be used in and around the home. Manufacturers of water-related products sold in Australia can apply to have these products reviewed by a panel of independent technical experts. Then the panel evaluates each product based on certain criteria related to water savings, environmental sustainability and adherence to product regulations and standards.

For more information about the SMRT-Y soil moisture sensor and the WR2 wireless rain and rain/freeze sensors, visit www.rainbird.com.

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