Rhino Linings Corporation Adds New Product to Its Family of Bed Liner Products

Updated Feb 20, 2013

San Diego, Ca November 19, 2009 Rhino Linings Corporation (Rhino Linings), the global leader in protective linings, introduces its newest product, Rhino Extreme lining, to its family of truck bed linings solutions. What was intended to be a commercial and industrial lining has become our latest phenomenon! As with all Rhino Linings products, Rhino Extreme lining offers great chemical and corrosion resistance as well as superior impact resistance to withstand those heavy loads. Rhino Extreme lining bonds to virtually all substrates of any dimension, including metals, woods, concrete and fiberglass. With the addition of Rhino Extreme lining, Rhino Linings now offers four different products to meet varying needs as well as the highest level of corrosion resistance, not just for trucks but for a wide range of other accessories and vehicles – from grille guards, bumpers and rockers to trailers, tractors and ATVs.


  • TuffGrip® TuffGrip lining is a two-component, 100% solid rapid-curing, elastomeric polyurethane lining offered in both 2:1 and 1:1 formulations. TuffGrip offers excellent abrasion, impact and slip resistance and can be applied to trucks, Jeeps®, trailers, boats, flooring, buildings, military vehicles and equipment and much more.


  • HardLine® – HardLine lining is a two-component, 100% solid rapid-curing, elastomeric polyurethane lining offered in both 2:1 and 1:1 formulations. HardLine offers high tensile and tear strength properties while providing excellent corrosion resistance. HardLine lining can be applied to consumer and commercial vehicles, heavy equipment and machinery, flooring, loading ramps and more.


  • Solarmax®Solarmax lining is a two-component, 100% solid rapid-curing, elastomeric polyurethane lining offered in a 1:1 formulation. Solarmax is based on aliphatic chemistry which has excellent color and gloss stability. This product combines the durability of a tough elastomer with the color and gloss stability of a urethane topcoat into one product.


Rhino ExtremeRhino Extreme lining, our newest addition to the Rhino retail product line! Rhino Extreme lining is a two-component, rapid-curing, elastomeric pure polyurea lining system that is offered in both 2:1 and 1:1 formulations. Applied exclusively with high pressure plural component spray equipment, Rhino Extreme lining offers industrial strength protection even during extreme weather conditions.


Rhino Linings sprayed-on truck bed liners are consistently tested for strength and protection, both in our engineering laboratories and in real-world conditions and all are backed by a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty. So for the best in the business – contact your nearest Rhino Linings Dealer today! 

About Rhino Linings Corporation

Rhino Linings Corporation (Rhino Linings), established in 1988 and headquartered in San Diego, California, is a privately-held corporation and industry leader offering high performance polyurethane, polyurea, hybrid, polyaspartics and epoxy coatings for commercial, industrial, military and retail applications. Rhino Linings has a global retail and industrial dealer network consisting of more than 1200 independently owned dealerships and applicators in almost 80 countries. Since then, Rhino Linings has used its corporate strengths and dealer distribution to expand its divisions to include Rhino Home Pro, Rhino Industrial, Rhino Epoxy, and Rhino Military!

For more information on Rhino Linings, call 800-422-2603, or visit www.rhinolinings.com

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