JCB unveils new backhoe loader generation at Bauma 2010

Updated Feb 20, 2013

JCB unveiled a new generation of backhoe loaders at Bauma 2010 in Munich, Germany., that the company says â€śoffer customers more versatility, productivity, cost efficiency and comfort.”

The manufacturer says its new generation machine offers customers average fuel savings ranging from 6 percent to 16 percent at typical daily work rates, largely achieved through the introduction of a new EcoDig system incorporating three hydraulic pumps.

The new generation features a re-styled counterweight and new vertical grille design and a sloping hood that contributes to forward visibility.

In addition, the machines benefit from a host of new features including the following:

  • Improved cab for greater comfort
  •  Power brakes providing proportional braking and fuel economy improvements.

Optional features include the following:

  • New heated front windshield – an industry first for backhoe loaders
  • An in-cab hot beverage machine
  • Combined hammer and bi-directional circuit for excellent versatility in attachment use
  • A 9-meter factory-fitted hose reel for improved productivity and versatility.

A new EcoDig hydraulic system uses three hydraulic pumps to provide the same hydraulic output but at lower engine speeds, itself delivering average fuel savings of up to 15 percent.

Operators are able to select from two working modes, either Eco mode or low flow, to optimize productivity and improve machine control.

A secondary benefit of the three pump design is faster performance of the extradig extending dipper stick, further boosting productivity. The new hydraulic system and lower engine speeds also contribute to a cut in exhaust emissions and a reduction in overall machine noise levels, both inside the cab and externally.

The new backhoes come with the existing EcoRoad options of Smooth Ride System (SRS) and TorqueLock to help boost productivity further. TorqueLock reduces fuel consumption by up to 25 percent while increasing speed by up to 10 percent and the Smooth Ride System maximizes load retention around the jobsite for increased productivityand operator comfort.

Power brakes are to be introduced on both 3CX and 4CX models. The system provides proportional braking throughout the pedal travel, providing operators with improved braking and reduced effort.

JCB has also redesigned the pedal position in the backhoe loader cab, with an automotive style position which improves ergonomics. The power brake design ensures that there is full brake pad release when the driver comes off the pedal. This enables operators to better maintain roading speeds and contributes to a further 1 percent saving in fuel consumption.

By using the machine’s hydraulic system to supply oil for the power brakes, there is no requirement for separate brake reservoirs. This simplifies service and reduces the number of daily checks for the operator.

JCB’s EcoLoad package of options add to the enhanced productivity. The return-to-dig feature automatically resets the shovel to dig position; the transmission disconnect diverts hydraulic power to the loader for faster lifting.

In addition, high engine torque at low revs provides pushing and hill climbing performance and limited slip differentials (LSD) provide extra traction in challenging conditions.

The  3CX and 4CX ranges benefit from a striking redesign, incorporating sharper lines in the counterweight, grille and hood, and making best use of JCB’s bold new machine branding.

The cab adopts a similar style to the JCB Fastrac, with improved run-off channels to prevent rain water collecting on the roof. The machines also benefit from independently adjustable working lights at the front and rear of the roof, providing improved visibility all around the working area in poor light conditions.

The cab is refreshed internally too, with a move to a black interior in the lower half of the cab, including the seat, which has new material to provide increased comfort and less wear. The pillars and roof lining adopt a lighter grey color, making the cab feel even more light and spacious.

The backhoes also feature new, high-quality switches, activating consoles which provide light definition. The high-quality switches have laser etched images that are clearly backlit, enabling clear visibility of switches at night.

JCB will be taking a lead from the automotive industry with the option of an innovative automatic heated front windshield on all 3CX and 4CX models later this year. Available in time for winter 2010, the heated windshield rapidly clears ice and misting in cold conditions, allowing the operator to get to work without delay in the morning.

A new combined hammer and bidirectional auxiliary circuit makes the fitting of attachment power circuits easier. The circuit has been designed to provide low flow and high flow across all 3CX and 4CX models, including all fixed and extending dipper variants. This greatly increases versatility for the customer as the machines are compatible with an increased number of optional attachments.

There is also the option of a new 29-foot hose reel on the Hand Held Tool Circuit, that allows contractors to use hydraulic power tools alongside the backhoe loader, removing the need for separate power packs.

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