Topcon to supply GNSS receivers for Anhui, China network

Updated Feb 20, 2013
Anhui location map

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has been selected to supply GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) receivers and software for Anhui Province Continuously Operating Reference Station Network (AHCORS).

The AHCORS network is designed to provide full coverage of Anhui Province of China with network RTK capability and it is an effort by the provincial government to improve and modernize its surveying infrastructure.

The system consists of up to 100 reference stations within or in the close vicinity of the province and will operate continuously to provide network-RTK or network-DGPS services to subscribers. AHCORS will be operated by Anhui Provincial Agency of Surveying and Mapping.

Fifty-six Topcon Net-G3A GNSS CORS receivers and CR-G3 GNSS choke ring antennas, two GR-3 RTK rovers, and TopNET software with 100 connection nodes have been selected for AHCORS through a public tender.

The Topcon Net-G3 family of receivers that will be used for AHCORS incorporate Topcon G3 technology which allows for universal signal tracking compatible with all existing and planned satellite navigation systems.

The Topcon TopNET software is a complete suite of modular software that enables full receiver remote control, data streaming, downloading of data and commands, display of the system status, user account management, plus other options.

TopNET is the central piece of a Topcon reference station network. With Net-G3A and TopNET, Topcon provides an industry-leading solution for reference station networks.

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