Club Car: New Cab System for Carryalls

Updated Feb 19, 2013

Increases Ventilation, Visibility and Weather Protection. Optional ROPS and FOPS.

Augusta, Ga. (May 22, 2012) – Until recently, Club Car Carryall users were limited to a one-size-fits-all cab, regardless of weather conditions or applications. That left some users in the cold; others, on the hot seat.
But that’s no longer true. Users can now customize their Carryall cabs to their individual applications and climates.
“After listening to our customers, we set out to design and build a new cab. The resulting modular cab system meets our customers’ expressed needs, offers unique features including a Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) kit, and allows for real customization,” says Kurt Meyer, commercial/industrial marketing manager.
The result of nearly three years of design, development and refinement, the cab fits all 2005 and newer Club Car Carryall 1, 2, 252 and 6 vehicles.

Available as Basic Cab or “Build Your Own”
The cabs are available in two primary options, each of which can be customized with accessories:
Basic structure: Frame and roof structure only
Basic cab: Frame, roof, fixed glass front windshield, solid acrylic doors, glass rear window
Both require heavy-duty front suspension.

The new cab offers the following benefits:

Vastly improved visibility through unbroken top-to-bottom high-impact acrylic doors and a larger, more ergonomically designed windshield.

Much better ventilation. The canopy’s integrated air scoops funnel air down into the cab and out through the back. Standard louvers at the bottom of the cab, an optional rear sliding window and a unique kit with small arms that hold doors open three to four inches bring even more air into the cab.  

Improved cold weather protection through an optional upper cab and dash “vent and seal kit” for cold, wet climates. This allows users to open and close vents as needed. A perimeter seal keeps heat in, cold and water out.

Easy installation. The cab can be installed in about three hours. That’s half the time of many competitors’ cabs.

Lighter weight and an improved finish.

“Plug and Play” electrical accessories: switch panel, wiper kit, two-speed recirculation fan, front and rear work lights, safety strobe light
This modular cab carries a two-year warranty on new car purchases. The cab and its replacement parts are sold through our network of Authorized Club Car Dealers. To find a commercial/industrial dealer near you, visit and select “Dealer Locator.”

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