Elite Landscape shares 5 tips for success

Updated Feb 24, 2020

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David Katz, owner of Elite Landscape in Poughkeepsie, New York, and one of our 2013 Landscaper of the Year finalists, offers up his tips for running a successful landscape business.

1.  Persevere. “Business is getting harder. Regulations are tougher. You’ve got to have a strong stomach to bounce back from rough patches.”

2.  Diversify. “It’s going to take more than your current skill set to survive. If you think you can make it because you’re good at one aspect of landscaping, such as laying pavers, you’re going to be disappointed. Keep learning.”

3.  Find your niche. “There’s work for everyone. We have Walmart, and we have Nordstrom. Every business has a market.”

4.  Define success. “Figure out what matters most to you and follow that course.”

5.  Make family time. “Debbie and I always take time for one another. Every year, we go away for a vacation on our anniversary. We’ve been married 30 years.”

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