Fastway Product Fixes Dragging Safety Chains

Updated Apr 16, 2013
Fastway Chain-up (standard ball mount) keeps safety chains from dragging.Fastway Chain-up (standard ball mount) keeps safety chains from dragging.

Fastway Trailer Products introduces a new solution to dragging safety chains. Unlike the do-it-yourself methods of looping or twisting chains to increase lift, the Fastway Chain-Up is a durable rubber sling designed to lift chains off of the ground without compromising safety.

The Chain-Up comes in two styles, one for standard ball mount applications and another for weight distribution hitches.  

The new Fastway Chain-Up currently is available through dealerships serving the towing industry throughout the United States and Canada.

Watch how the Chain-Up works to eliminate dragging safety chains in this video.

Product Information:
82-00-3065 Chain-Up for Standard Ball Mount & Adjustable-Ball Mount Hitches ($8.95 MSRP)

82-00-3090 Chain-Up for and Weight Distribution & Multi-Ball Hitches ($9.95 MSRP)


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