Design/build: Patriotic plants for the landscape

Updated May 23, 2019


Incorporate the American spirit in your next plant installation project.

As our country remembers those who died serving our country in the Armed Forces today, you may be looking for ways to incorporate this patriotism into your projects. And if not for today, you can save these ideas for the Fourth of July.

patriotic-gardenThe obvious color combination is red, white and blue when designing a flower bed that captures the American spirit. If you’re looking for a good group of annuals that do well in full sun, here are some options from

  • Red snapdragons
  • White heliotrope
  • Blue ageratum
  • Red geraniums
  • White alyssum
  • Blue ageratum
  • Red salvia
  • White petunia
  • Blue lobelia

As far as designs go, you have a few options. Some clients opt for a traditional bed with flowers in the shape of the American flag. For a more subtle layout, you can put the flowers in rows, with the larger ones in the back. Or, for a more conceptual design, use purple blooms instead of blue. And for a more portable option, there are always containers.

No matter what design or plants you choose, make sure the plants not only share a patriotic color, but also the same sun and zone requirements.

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