Have Students Created New Wave of Mowers?

Updated May 31, 2013
Source: The Clanton AdvertiserSource: The Clanton Advertiser

A team in Alabama is kicking back, relaxing and watching the lawn be cut on its own right before their eyes.

That’s right. No pushing or riding necessary.

Students at the LeCroy Career Technical Center have created an automated lawnmower, otherwise known as “The Ardumower,” according to The Clanton Advertiser.

The students are part of the robotics team, and The Ardumower was a class project they were working on.

By using parts from a motorized wheelchair, push mower, Arduino mini-computer and sensors, The Ardumower was born.

The mower can be programmed to cut grass with a handheld control or without a remote.

Besides the remote, a user can also use computer software in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program with Google Maps to plot coordinates of where the mower should cut.

Of course, the mower is a work in progress as the team continues to work out certain malfunctions like its inability to move around obstacles without using a remote. 

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