Too many clients? No problem.

Updated Jul 19, 2018

Some landscapers in the industry are facing a good problem. Yes, a good problem exists, and it’s having too many clients.

Being busy is a good problem to have, but it becomes a problem when too many clients are calling and rolling through the door and need service.

Lawn Care Marketing Expert Andrew Pototschnik gives a few pointers when it comes to working with too many clients.

“What do you do if you can’t quickly scale and you have more work than you can handle but you don’t want to lower your service standards, which you shouldn’t because that’s your reputation at stake? What do you do?” Pototschnik says. “You rubberize your pricing. Rubberizing. What does that mean?  That means your pricing should be flexible.”

A landscaper should do what he or she has probably been dreading, but it means it’s time to raise the prices temporarily.

If clients really want you to do the work, they will be willing to pay the extra dollar.

“You’re going to eliminate a lot of the price shoppers,” Pototschnik says. “You’re going to eliminate the people who are usually a lot of hassle and not very profitable. Raising your prices is automatically going to filter those people out right away.  It’s also going to limit the amount of new work that you take on, but if you’re taking it on at a higher price, at a higher profit margin, it becomes more effective and since you may have more profits, you’ll be able to add more staff and be able to afford more staff because you’re making more in profits and doing less work.”

When it comes to getting more business, the number one problem to avoid is ignoring your phone. Ignoring your phone will result in bad reviews and in turn, hurt the incoming business.

Raising prices temporarily, producing high-quality work and being reliable will help strengthen and better grow a booming business.

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