High School Students Start Landscaping Business

Updated Jul 14, 2013
Photo: swfwmd.state.fl.usPhoto: swfwmd.state.fl.us

Two brothers are working together to man a landscaping business while still in high school.

After Patrick and Christopher Carozza Jr. mowed their grandparents yard, the neighbors wanted some help as well, according to My Record Journal.

The two high school students are in the vocational agricultural program and have their own landscaping business called Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping, which serves about 20 customers.

After school, the duo works to mow at least 10 lawns by the end of the weekend.

The school’s vo-ag program allows students to mow the fields at school and help prepare the fields for events.

Students get to experience the world of landscaping and learn the needed skills for the industry. 

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