Are You Following All Tractor Safety Precautions?

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Before turning on your tractor’s engine, have you taken the time to examine every safety precaution? has offered a few ways for landscapers to better understand safety when it comes to operating tractors.

First, do a general inspection of the tractor to check for any leaks or loose wires, tubes or fixtures.  Make sure the roll over protection structure is in place and if foldable, placed in an upright position.

Make sure to wear work clothing suitable for mowing along with the proper boots, and eye and ear protection.

Before mowing, make sure to remove any large rocks or debris from the area and keep bystanders alert when operating heavy machinery.

Mower Topics

– Buying & selecting the right type of mower

  • As you know, mowers aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal. You need to select the correct type of mower for your needs as well as the right size. 

– Mounting & basic safety precautions

  • It’s important to consider the mounting time and procedure for the type of mower you want to get. For example, mid mount mowers can be challenging to mount and can take around 40 minutes depending on your approach, while rear mowers simply attach to your PTO. 

– Maintaining stability on slopes

  • Mowing on slopes is dangerous. In fact, more deaths and injuries are caused by tractor rollovers than by any other tractor-related injury. So always take serious precaution if you have slopes greater than 20 degrees on your plot.

– Selecting & maintaining your blades

  • Brush cutting and grass mowing require two different types of blades. While sharp is best for grass, brush cutting calls for a thicker, slightly blunt blade. 
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