Custom-Made Bobcat Attachment Can Tow Loaded 18-Wheelers

Photo: The Mankato Free PressPhoto: The Mankato Free Press

Towing a loaded cement truck is no easy job, or is it?

One company has invented a new Bobcat attachment to do what towing companies thought was the impossible, according to The Mankato Free Press in Mankato, Minnesota.    

Matt Maloney of Maloney Enterprises built an in-house machine anchor for his Bobcat machine.

The machine anchors itself into the ground as it winches the cable back into the attachments.

The machine can tow vehicles from motorcycles to loaded 18-wheelers.

Recently, Maloney got a Best in Show and Most Innovative awards at the Wisconsin Tow Show back in June.

Maloney currently has two Bobcats that feature the unique attachments.   

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