Post Driver, Concrete Breaker Attachments Deliver Force, Efficiency

Danuser EM40 Hammer Post DriverDanuser EM40 Hammer Post Driver

Danuser has introduced a variety of skid-steer attachments to help landscapers on the job.

Operating like a drop hammer, the Danuser LM40 and EM40 Hammer Post Drivers can attach to skid steers and front-end loaders with skid steer or Euro/Global quick attach (75 horsepower tractor min).

Danuser CB40 Concrete BreakerDanuser CB40 Concrete Breaker

Featuring no springs, cylinders and return lines, the drivers do not strike the top of the posts and include a grapple option that picks up the post from the ground with additional hydraulics or controls.

The drivers can tilt up to 20 degrees to the left or right and can drive materials like T-posts and railroad ties.

The company has also introduced the CB40 Concrete Breaker, which can deliver up to 82,000 pounds of impact force with each cycle.   

Breaking up to 9-inch thick reinforced concrete, the breaker operates on skid steers with 12-30 GPM without additional set up.

There is also an anti-dry fire feature, which prevents unnecessary firing to help improve durability of the machine.


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