BioSafe Conducts Study to Help Fight Nematodes

Product Shot Aza Guard 32 FlBioSafe Systems has discovered some new research and created a system to help fight nematodes.

Because nematodes feed on turf root systems, severe stunting or lesions can provide a welcoming place for bacteria.

The BioSafe Systems program for nematode/disease reduction is a tank mix of ZeroTol  2.0 and AzaGuard. ZeroTol 2.0 is a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide to help fight against Pythium and Phytophthora.

AzaGuard is a multi-mode of action nematicide that stops feeding, egg laying, and is effective as an insect growth regulator.

Zero Tol 2Existing conditions require three applications repeated every seven – 21 days. Once nematodes are suppressed a monthly maintenance program can be initiated.

Biosafe conducted trials in two separate golf courses this year in central and southwestern Florida.

These trials tested the reduction of nematodes on a total of six test plots; each test plot is one green.

Golf Course 1 treated three greens and applied three applications, 21 days apart.

Golf Course 1 applied 2 gallons of ZeroTol 2.0 per acre and 19 ounces of AzaGuard per acre.

Before using the BioSafe Systems Nematode Reduction Program, the greens were receding at a fast rate and after the second application the receding had stopped.

By the third application the greens started to come back. Before the program these greens also had Pythium issues and now do not.

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