i-Guard to Help Protect Against Equipment Theft

Strattec_I-Guard_Anti_Theft_SystemStrattec Security Corporation has released i-Guard.

i-Guard is an anti-theft product that has been designed for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries.

Equipment theft has escalated over the past decade across North America, with estimated losses ranging from $300 million to $1 billion annually.

Of the 1,000 pieces of equipment reported stolen each month to the National Crime Information Center, only 21 percent is ever recovered.

i-Guard is a radio-frequency identification (RFID) electronic immobilizer system that can safeguard costly machinery of any size from unauthorized use. 

With i-Guard, a unique electronic code is programmed into the engine module and into a chip in the key or a Fob.

The code is transmitted between the two components by a small antenna via difficult-to-mimic radio frequencies.

When a key is inserted into the ignition or a Fob used with a push-start button, the vehicle requests authorization. If the engine and key or Fob codes don’t match, the vehicle will not start. 

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