Echo Unveils Chainsaws with Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

FasTensionEcho’s latest CS-370F and CS-400F feature the FasTension Tool-less Chain Tensioning System.

The FasTension System allows for easy chain tension adjustments or bar and chain replacements without a tightening tool.

A rotating lever takes the place of locking nuts and a tensioning wheel replaces an adjustment screw. Adjustments can be made anywhere in four steps.

The CS-370F is equipped with a 16-inch bar and chain and the CS-400F comes with an 18-inch bar and chain.

Other product features include a tool-less access, automotive-style air filter, a dual-post chain brake, an i-30 starting system and an automatic, adjustable oiler.

An after-market accessory is also available to retro-fit the FasTension Tool-less Chain Tensioning System on any CS-370 or CS-400.

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