Choose from Variety of Sizes with Kohler’s Line of Portable Generators

Updated Jan 24, 2014
Photo: Equipment World magazinePhoto: Equipment World magazine

Kohler has launched a line of portable generators and trash pumps at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas.

According to our sister pub, Equipment World magazine, the smallest in the line, the Kohler Pro 2.0iS, could fit in a backpack and the largest generator, the Kohler Pro 12.3 EFI, features the Kohler Command Pro electronic fuel injection engine with an oxygen sensor in the exhaust.

The sensor monitors fuel combustion and adjusts injection parameters.

The line also features a 5.4kW diesel generator, as well as 2.8kW, 5.2kW and 7.5kW generators.

The 5.2kW and up models offer the company’s Accu-fill, and the bigger units are also designed with customizable features and frames that provide more than 100 different configurations.

Kohler also showcased a line of four portable trash and water pumps in sizes from 2 to 4 inch diameters. These include the WP2.0, WP3.0, TP3.0 and TP4.0D. All the pumps have a 360 degree roll cage for extra protection.

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