First Editions Collection Adds Variety

To add more variety this spring season, Bailey Nurseries has added a few varieties to its First Editions collection.

fOtHSdWFirst Editions Atomic Red Trumpet Vine

First Editions Atomic Red Trumpet Vine features larger flowers than typically found on a trumpet vine. Red buds bloom into 3- to 4-inch trumpet shaped blooms that start out orange-red, maturing to a red.

The plant produces red blooms from summer through fall.

Campsis radicans ‘Stromboli’ 

Location: Full sun

Width: Varies

Zone: 4-9

Flower: Red

Height: 20- to 30-feet

Foliage: Glossy green


0bwGy3eFirst Editions Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

First Editions Vanilla Strawberry features blooms that start out a vanilla-white, changing to a pink and finally to a strawberry-red. The red color lasts for three to four weeks. The plant produces blooms throughout the summer and early fall. The large blooms are held on red stems that cascade later in the season. The plant features grows in an upright position and features large cone-shaped flowers.

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Renhy’ PP20,670 

Location: Full sun

Width: 4- to 5-feet

Zone: 4-8

Flower: White changing to pink/red

Height: 6- to 7-feet

Foliage: Medium green


eXCiVFirst Editions Daybreak Barberry

First Editions Daybreak’s foliage starts out orange-red maturing to a yellow and gold in the summer. Developed by Plant Introductions, this barberry keeps its compact, rounded shape with little care. The plants grows to 18 inches.

Berberis thunbergii ‘Daybreak’ PPAF

 Zone: 4-8, full sun

Height: 18-inches

Width: 18-inches

Foliage: Yellow, orange


SVzYJplFirst Editions Hawaii Hibiscus

Hawaii joins Bali, Fiji and Tahiti offering  four varieties that bloom from July through September. The blossoms are blue with burgundy accents.

Hibiscus syriacus ‘Mingrand’

Location: Full sun

Height: 5- to 8-feet

Zone: 5-8

Width: 4- to 7-feet

Flower: Blue


99ziLwdFirst Editions Vintage Jade Distylium 

First Editions Vintage Jade Distylium is a low growing, spreading shrub. Distylium are members of the witch-hazel family. Vintage Jade’s blooms appear in late winter, offering small burgundy flowers. The dark green leaves are disease and pest resistant, and the plant is tolerant of both dry and wet soil.

Distylium x ‘Vintage Jade’ PPAF

Location: Semi-shade to full sun 

Width: 5-feet

Zone: 7-9

Foliage: Dark green

Height: 2-feet

Flower: Reddish-maroon

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