5 Must-Have Perennials for 2014

Updated Jul 10, 2017

To add a touch of color to landscapes this summer, Proven Winners has introduced five varieties of perennials.

Summerific ‘Cherry Cheesecake’ Hibiscus Photo: Proven WinnersSummerific ‘Cherry Cheesecake’ Hibiscus Photo: Proven Winners

Summerific ‘Cherry Cheesecake’ Hibiscus 
Another addition to the Summerific series. This year’s addition is a compact, well-branched and heavily budded selection that forms a shrub-like clump of thick, leathery, maple-like, dark green leaves. The plant also feature 8-inch blooms.


Dolce Cinnamon Curls Heuchera Photo: Proven WinnersDolce Cinnamon Curls Heuchera Photo: Proven Winners

Dolce Cinnamon Curls Heuchera 
This highly distinctive cultivar emerges fiery orange-red in spring and mellows to a spicy blend of cinnamon, red, and purple tones in summer. Its heavily ruffled, leathery leaves form a neatly compact clump, making it easy to fit into combination containers and the border’s edge.


Dolce ‘Blackberry Ice’ Heuchera Photo: Proven WinnersDolce ‘Blackberry Ice’ Heuchera Photo: Proven Winners

Dolce ‘Blackberry Ice’ Heuchera 
‘Blackberry Ice’ features vigorous growth and since it’s a H. villosa hybrid, it also exhibits greater heat and humidity tolerance. The newest leaves are an iridescent purple with black veining and have amethyst purple undersides. As the leaves mature, they develop a pewter overlay. In midsummer, reddish purple scapes, which are quite proportional to the foliage, carry wands of cream flowers.


Sweet Romance Lavandula angustifolia Photo: Proven WinnersSweet Romance Lavandula angustifolia Photo: Proven Winners

Sweet Romance Lavandula angustifolia
Sweet Romance has the ability to bloom the first year. Additionally, it begins to flower a bit earlier in the season, typically in early summer and lasting into early fall. The grey-green foliage forms a compact mound topped with violet purple flower wands. Clusters of tiny flowers appear at the nodes up the stem in addition to the terminal inflorescence, adding color down into the plant.


‘Cat’s Meow’ Nepeta faassenii Photo: Proven Winners‘Cat’s Meow’ Nepeta faassenii Photo: Proven Winners

‘Cat’s Meow’ Nepeta faassenii
Cat’s Meow Nepeta features flowers that are dense and colorful, and its habit is more refined. Plus, it stands strong with no flopping, getting wider and growing to a broad mound as the season progresses.








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