Landscaper Suffers Serious Injury After Crashing ZTR Mower

Photo: Fauquier NowPhoto: Fauquier Now

One landscaping worker suffered serious injuries after his mower hit a metal fence at the bottom of a steep hill in Virginia.

The fence stopped the mower and the crewmember from falling over a 10-foot wall, according to Fauquier Now.

Medics had to strap the worker, who suffered a severe injury to his arm, to a backboard and then flew him in a medical helicopter to the nearest hospital.

The worker was attempting to cut the grass on the steep slope with the zero-turn mower. However, he could not stop the mower as it approached the slope’s bottom and crashed into the fence.

Typically, workers use string trimmers and walk-behind mowers for this steep of a hill.

If landscapers are mowing on hills, there are certain guidelines to follow, especially if the mower appears to be out of control.

The safest location to stop and park a mower is on level ground. However, if dealing with a slope, the mower should be positioned sideways across the slope with a block in front of the wheels when parked. 

Employers should develop, implement and enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) for operating and shutting down mowers. Safe parking procedures include:

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  • Stopping on level, dry ground
  • Disengaging the power take-off (PTO)
  • Lowering the cutting decks to the ground
  • Placing the mower in park
  • Engaging the parking brake
  • Turning off the engine and removing the key

Click here to download free safety manuals.

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