Not Your Average Landscaping

Updated Jul 24, 2014
Photo: WiredPhoto: Wired

At first glance, this may not look like an airport.

Actually, at second glance, it really doesn’t look like an airport either.

However, if anyone knows anything about airports, they might know that the fourth busiest airport in Europe is the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

That being the case, this busy airport might be one of the most soundproof places on Earth, according to Wired.

The flat land allows noise to travel for miles, creating a rather difficult situation when dealing with a busy airport.

Photo: WiredPhoto: Wired

However, thanks to a few researchers, residents in the area are sleeping, eating and living without the constant noise of planes.

Researchers found that when nearby farmers plowed their field, noise levels were reduced.

So, landscape artist, Paul de Kort designed this unique park, which is made up of a pattern of 150 noise-deflecting ridges – all built 36 feet apart with GPS-guided robot excavators.

The ridges intercept the sound waves from planes and bounce them back skyward.

The landscape may not be the most unique or best design we have ever seen, but it definitely gets a standing ovation, in my opinion, for being innovative. 

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