Spring-Green Plants 10,000 Trees in Wisconsin Forest



Back in April, Spring-Green Lawn Care pledged to plant 10,000 trees throughout 2014 with help from the Arbor Day Foundation.

The company has learned that its 10,000 trees were planted in the Douglas County Forest in Wisconsin.

Through investment and management by the county and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the lands have recovered from past destructive fires.

In the summer of 2011, more than 130,000 acres of public forest in northwest Wisconsin were destroyed by straight-line winds.

The damage left 1.5 million cords of timber on the forest floor.

Because of Arbor Day Foundation partners, Douglas County Forest was able to begin replanting efforts immediately, bringing back more than 500 acres of new forest in 2014. 

Once winter passed, a crew of 22 members planted more than 525,000 red and Jack pine trees.

The project took nine days and more than 640 acres were planted.

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