SnowEx Brine Pro Features Automatic Operation

BrinePro2000SnowEx released its Brine Pro 2000 brine maker at GIE+EXPO.

Engineered for use with low-flow water input and standard 220VAC power sources, the Brine Pro is highly compatible for a variety of operations. It features touch-screen controls with separate modes for automatic and batch production, as well as a special cleaning mode. Its automatic salinity control helps ensure proper salt/water proportions.

The Brine Pro includes a dry hopper system for no-splash salt refills and visual salt-level indication. The hopper has a 1-cubic-yard capacity with a vibrator and a sloped design for clean-out.

Material is precisely transferred from the hopper to the 265-gallon mixing chamber through a unique flow control system and hammer mill salt grinder, which grinds the salt to a consistent particle size, accelerating the dissolve rate and expediting the clean-out process. In the mixing chamber, a high-volume circulation pump ensures consistent brine production at rates up to 1,050 gallons per hour.

To minimize corrosion, the hopper, mixing chamber and reservoir are constructed of polyethylene with powder-coated and stainless steel components.

In addition to the Brine Pro 2000, SnowEx also offers 3,000- and 5,000-gallon brine storage tanks, transfer pumps, and transfer hoses for filling sprayer systems.

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