Tips for an effective landscaping marketing strategy

Updated Jan 25, 2019

G I 96454 Landscaping Marketing StrategyGetUSales is giving a few marketing strategy techniques to professional landscapers.

The tips discuss parts of an effective marketing strategy that landscaping businesses can use to gain and retain more customers.

Here are 4 tips for an effective landscaping marketing strategy:

  1. Target the right audience

Marketing designed to appeal to everyone usually ends up appealing to no one. Instead, create multiple marketing packages that are each targeted to a specific audience. Different audiences will respond to different offers and methods.

  1. Shower customers with non-sales marketing materials

Tip sheets and educational articles are a great way to keep a brand in front of customers in a high-value, low-pressure way. This will help to build a relationship and trust that help move sales.

  1. Stay in front of customers

Regular communications with customers will increase brand recognition. Even if it’s just to wish a happy holiday or send out a monthly tip sheet, keeping in touch with customers is an important part of building long-term relationships. Regular communications are accomplished easily with marketing automation, which can send out thousands of targeted emails quickly and easily.

  1. Track results

Dedicated phone numbers for direct mailings, unique coupon codes and lead-tracking features in marketing automation platforms lets owners know if their investment is working. Replicate landscaping marketing strategies that are working, and replace the ones that are not.

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