How to save money, gain expertise with better irrigation

hose-spouting-waterWorld Water Day was March 22, which brings attention to the water crisis in the U.S. and around the world. Landscapers can contribute to water conservation in honor of the day and to increase your clientel.

Warren Gorowitz, vice-president of sustainability at Ewing Irrigation in Phoenix, Arizona, outlined several tips for the landscaping community to keep in mind.

Know your limits

Keeping track of climate and local water restrictions is step one of the process. Even in areas where rain is regularly falling, study the area’s precipitation outlook in case there’s a drought and keep your customers informed.

“This is your chance to prepare and set yourself apart,” Gorowitz said. “Your clients are probably interested in saving water and integrating sustainable solutions into their landscapes. Just keep asking.”

Educate yourself

Gorowitz said to get familiar with water efficient irrigation technologies that are available, such as weather-based irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors and products such as AquaSmart PRO or Holganix for water retention.

Celebrate your achievements

Now that you’ve done your part to conserve water for World Water Day, it’s time to document and measure what you’ve done.

Saving money for you, your client and conserving the landscaping industry’s most precious resource is a really big deal. But you can also share accomplishments as part of your marketing. Incorporate testimonials, data and high-resolution images of the irrigation successes you’ve had into your sales.

“Water use and reduction tracking is the best platform to establish credibility with future clients,” Gorowitz said. “Talk about the properties where you have reduced water use and maintained health and plant vigor and the money you saved.”




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