Covercraft’s UVS100 custom sunscreens protect work trucks from UV rays

2014Sierra-UVS100Covercraft’s UVS100 Custom Sunscreens protect work trucks from the heat and UV rays that destroy interiors over time

Nothing does more damage to the dash, door panels and seat coverings of work trucks than the sun’s UV light and the heat that builds up in the interior while the truck is sitting outside.

The majority of that damage is the result of sunlight and UV rays blasting through the windshield.

The way to stop it is to put a sunshade up when the truck is parked.

Covercraft’s UVS100 Custom Sunscreens are the perfect way to stop UV rays and heat, while keeping the work truck’s interior contents blocked from view.

UVS100 Custom Sunscreens are manufactured with triple laminate construction with an outer reflective surface, an insulated foam core center and a soft felt surface on the back for easy use and care.

UVS100 Custom Sunscreens are made in the United States and come in five popular colors. For more information, visit the Work Truck Products UVS100 page.

Bruce Smith is senior editor for sister site Hard Working Trucks.

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