Popular gardening website sells its URL

Garden.org logoThe National Gardening Association (NGA) is selling the URL (or web address) of its popular website: garden.org.

The NGA – not to be confused with National Garden Clubs – is a nonprofit organization that in its earliest days sent out monthly newsletters to a few hundred individuals. Today, the NGA’s website, garden.org, provides a variety of information – from regional tips on plants to news of interest to gardeners – to millions of visitors to the site.

During gardening season, the URL has more than a million views per month and 84 percent are new users. On Facebook and Twitter, NGA has a community of close to 60,000 followers, according to a news release on the organization’s decision to sell its popular URL.

“The garden.org URL has an excellent reputation in the gardening industry,” said NGA Research Director Bruce Butterfield. “This website URL is especially relevant now, with 42 million households in America growing food at home or in a community garden – a 17 percent increase in the last five years alone, with millennials leading the pack.”

All the proceeds of the sale will go towards KidsGardening.org. The website serves as a school gardening resource. The goal of NGA is to promote environmental stewardship through educational gardening programs.

“We’re putting our stake in the ground with the goal of establishing a Garden In Every School through KidsGardening.org exclusively,” said NGA Executive Director Jennifer Tedeschi. “It is time for us to put garden.org into other good hands.”

KidsGardening.org has delivered more than 10,000 grants and awards to an estimated 2 million youth gardeners since its launch in 1982.

The content of garden.org is not part of the sale, nor is any of the research conducted by Butterfield, such as the NGA Annual National Gardening Survey.

For information on the sale of the URL, contact Maree Gaetani at [email protected].

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